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Al Zolli
605 Locust Street
Roselle Park, New Jersey

(908) 298-9792


A senior or lead position in which I can use my technical, writing, and project planning skills.
Interfaces used  
Hardware used  
Software used  

UNIX, X Windows, Motif, OpenWindows, FVWM, Sunview, MacOS, DG/UX, UTS, UNICOS, IRIX,
Windows (3.1, 95, and NT 4.0), MS-DOS, NextStep, OS/2, VMS, Tenex, TOPS-10, TOPS-20,
Sun, Macintosh, Pentium-based and x86-based PC, SGI, NeXT, MIPS, Amdahl, Cray, DEC PDP-10
and VAX, Metaphor, Foonly, Tymnet Engine, Atari 800 and ST, IBM 370 and 4341

FrameMaker, Interleaf, Emacs, vi, Netscape Communicator, Mosaic, Lynx, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat
and Acrobat Distiller, DeBabelizer, telnet, ftp, nroff/troff, tbl, ms, sed, grep, MS Word, Powerpoint,
Excel, PageMaker, Quark Express, Painter, Ventura Publisher, Oracle Office, Scribe, TeX, Teco,
HPTAG, Wylbur
HTML, C, C Shell, SQL, Lisp, Tymnet Engine assembler, Macro-20, BASIC, SAIL, some C++, some
JavaScript, some Java, and some Perl
Lead Technical Writer
Netscape Communications Corporation
Mountain View, CA
Lead Writer for the Procurement Divlet of the Application Products Division. Duties include editing and overseeing all aspects of
production of printed documentation for installation and administration of BuyerXpert, Netscape's UNIX-based Internet
procurement system. This involves planning and tracking schedules for printed and online documentation, and bringing new writers
up to speed with our software and style sheets. Have acted as Lead Writer for the Selling Divlet, recruited and trained its Lead
Writer, and created graphics for internal web pages, the CommerceXpert Catalog Manager, and the PublishingXpert Installer.
In addition, I wrote the PublishingXpert Search Server and AgentXpert Developer's Guide, part of Netscape's CORBA-based
API for Internet commerce, using FrameMaker 5.0 on a Power PC-based Macintosh. Responsibilities have also included writing
and updating all installation guides for every product released from Netscape's Application Products Division and disseminating
Netscape's documentation style conventions to the other Application Products Division writers. (Formerly Actra Business
Senior Technical
San Jose, CA
Was Lead Writer for TCSI's TMN Services Package API Developer's Guide. Overhauled documentation using FrameMaker 5.0 on
a SPARCstation 5, a Power PC-based Macintosh, and a Pentium-based PC. Also designed and updated internal web pages,
contributed to the documentation style template, wrote chapters for a CORBA-based product user's guide, and wrote a style guide.
Technical Writer
FORCE Computers
San Jose, CA
Edited a variety of hardware manuals using FrameMaker 5.0 on a SPARCstation 2 and added to the corporate style guide.
Followed ISO 9000 procedures.
Senior Technical
Oracle Corporation
Redwood Shores, CA
Functioned as lead writer for Oracle's UNIX RISC documentation team. Generated all documents for Oracle products that run on
Amdahl, DG AViiON, and MIPS ABI-based platforms (Pyramid, Silicon Graphics, Tandem) using Interleaf and Oracle Book
Designer on a SPARCstation running Motif. Created and updated the division's World Wide Web pages. Tracked document
schedules through PDTS and trained new writers.
Other duties included Interleaf administration and assisting writers with navigating the UNIX operating system. Maintained the
UNIX SQL*Net base documentation and Trusted ORACLE7 documentation for all secure UNIX platforms. Converted documents
from Oracle's Conditional Document Assembly environment to Oracle Single Sourcing in Interleaf. Wrote the document plan for
version 7.0.13 of the "HP-BLS CMW Installation and Configuration Guide" and the "Oracle Backup/Restore Installation &
Configuration Guide" base document plan.
Technical Writer
Cadence Design Systems
San Jose, CA
Converted end-user and reference manuals documenting C and Skill (Cadence's proprietary Lisp dialect) functions from Interleaf
v5.0 to FrameMaker 3.0 on a MIPS 3000 running X Windows and Motif. Reformatted, restructured, and partially rewrote these
manuals to fit Cadence's Style Guide, and assisted other writers in researching, writing, editing, and indexing manuals.
Technical Writer
Borland International
Scotts Valley, CA
Converted the 12-volume InterBase documentation set from an 8" by 11" format under FrameMaker v1.3 into a 7" by 9" format
under FrameMaker v3.0 on a Sun 4/110. Indexed all the documents, created the style sheet and book file, and generated a Master
Index for the document set.
Senior Technical
Computer Sciences Corporation
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA
Designed the style guide for the Numerical Aerodynamic Systems' (NAS) user guide, redesigned the NAS User Guide, and rewrote
large sections of it. Developed a document management plan to coordinate technical contributions to the user guide and wrote most
of the user guide's project plan. Served as site FrameMaker expert. Wrote reports and system bulletins.
Technical Writer
Metaphor Computers
Mountain View, CA
Wrote and maintained database administration and system manuals for Metaphor and IBM Data Interpretation Systems using
FrameMaker under Sunview on a Sun 3/50. Tested software on Metaphor workstations, IBM PC clones and PS/2s, and interacted
with designers. Converted documents from Ventura Publisher to FrameMaker.
Technical Writer
Sunnyvale, CA
Wrote electronic testing equipment manuals using MicroEmacs, the HPTAG macro package, and Ventura Publisher on an HP
Vectra running PC-DOS.
Technical Writer
Communications Solutions Incorporated
San Jose, CA
Wrote and updated user and system administration manuals for SNA products with troff under UNIX and Ventura Publisher under
PC-DOS, working alone and as part of a team. Converted manuals from troff to Ventura Publisher. Designed forms.
Development Group
Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA
Updated GEM manuals and converted them to nroff. Wrote utilities to convert nroff output to Canon printer codes and to print
directory listings from an Atari ST. Served as assistant system manager for a VAX 11/750 running UNIX; created accounts, trained
and helped users, and installed UUCP network software.
Tymnet Incorporated
Cupertino, CA
Designed, implemented, and tested modifications to 2780, 3780, HASP, and RSCS/VMB software written in Tymnet Engine
assembler, developed under TOPS-10 and UNIX, and downloaded to Tymnet Engines. Wrote the Alpha Test Plan for Tymnet's
DDCMP interface and contributed to the Bisync Interface Manual.
System Support
Kestrel Institute
Palo Alto, CA
Administered a Foonly F3 connected to the ARPAnet running Tenex; wrote and updated system and user documentation, trained
users, installed software, maintained peripherals, performed system backups, and interfaced with vendors.
Corporate Data Exchange
New York, NY
Wrote and modified data manipulation programs in BASIC, Fortran, and SAIL using a DEC-20 and an IBM 4341.
B.A., Journalism, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA, 1990
A.A., Radio/TV with Journalism concentration, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA, 1987
English/Computer Science, Columbia University, NY, NY, 1979-1981
Broadcasting, collecting comedic and rare records, food, woodworking, playing guitar, keyboards, bodhran, ukulele, and 24-karat
gold-plated kazoo, science fiction, recreational rhetoric

Copyright 1998, Lynn Gold.

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