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New Person Step By Step Checklists

PC Setup Activities Checklist

Follow steps in the order listed to ensure:

**Place a check mark in this column beside each activity that is completed.

PC Setup Activities Checklist

  ** Activity Action Output Additional Action
1. -- Print this page which is the New Person Checklist. Follow the steps in this Checklist in number order as they appear. Use hard copy instructions. These instructions cover Steps 1- 6 of this Checklist.  
2. -- Obtain LAN ID Request from :
David Fowler or Jim Cole

You will need to provide a unique password.

ID = first initial and last name
Example: jsmith

Receive ID to connect to:
Production Server:
Development Server:
Application Server: solusflfldv02/fldrive2

(Connects to solusmaster domain and solusflfldv)

Pick a password and store it in a safe place.
3. -- Configure Network Settings on PC

Map Network Drives

Use printed Instructions Follow screen inputs to set up correct network connections.

Provides connections to drives that the DSIM group needs to access software, templates, etc.

System can auto connect each time user logs on.
4. -- Setup lmhosts File Use printed Instructions. The lmhosts file contains the list of servers / IP addresses available to you and must reside within your Windows folder.  
5. -- Obtain Netscape Software

Use Netscape Installation Instructions

Load software from Fl2d3/software/netscape/ ******.exe
****** Select the file with .exe extension.

Use printed Instructionsfor Installation.

Software installed and ready for configuration. Netscape ready to Configure.
6. -- Configure Netscape Screens Follow Configuration Instructions.

Use printed Instructions.

Netscape set up to allow access to AT&T Intranet sites, applications needed to run are installed and system ready to use.
Netscape available as browser.

Follow Online Instructions for Remaining Steps!

7. -- Obtain and complete MS Exchange Mail ID Request Form Fill out online Exchange Mail Request Form.

ID = first initial and last name
Example: jsmith

Form is sent via e-mail automatically from this site.

Wait for return notification of approved Exchange mail ID.

8. -- Load MS Exchange Mail Software Load Exchange Mail Software.

Follow online instructions.

Ready to send and receive mail after ID is received.  
9. -- Obtain Appropriate Oracle ID Request Form:
Oracle Employee ID Request Form

Oracle Contractor ID Request Form

Use Oracle ID Request Form Instructions

Complete Form.

Follow online instructions.

Gain access to Time Reporting System for Contractors.

Enter Expense Reports for AT&T Employees.

10. -- Obtain Oracle Software. Load Oracle Software.

Follow instructions.

Able to enter required weekly time data.  
11. -- Obtain UGN ID Request Form Complete and Fax Form    
12. -- Set up UGN Connections Configure UGN Screens

Follow instructions.

Able to connect to servers remotely using a telephone connection and modem.  
13.   Setup Backup to Prntsvr1

Follow Instructions for Setup.

Ability to perform regular backups using the Sony backup.    

Software Installation Checklist

  -- Install McAfee Virus Protection Software

Download the Latest McAfee Virus Software

Virus protection is required to ensure the integrity of individual and group data and performance. The latest software may consist of a whole new version of McAfee or just a dat file that needs to be extracted and overlays existing files. Each month McAfee releases an update to virus protection. This is a DSIM to standard to have up-to-date protection on all PC's.
  -- Winpop Members use their LAN IDs to send/receive messages.

The Group ID is DSIM.

A temporary message window used by group members; or may advise of print status. Can be sent to entire DSIM group or an individual. When the Server is going down or up, the group is notified using this window. Should be kept available at all times.
  -- Front Page


This software enables the user to author Web Pages using conventional English, rather than having direct writing into HTML. A tutorial is available with this software in book form.  
  -- Image Composer   A tutorial is available with this software in an online format.  
  -- Setup Backup to Prntsvr1 - Ability to perform regular backups using the Sony backup.    
  -- Visio It is necessary to load the software using the CD ROM. and to obtain the CD.    
  -- Microsoft NetMeeting


Follow instructions for locating and installing the software.    

Ongoing Activities

  -- Instructions for Time Reporting in Oracle Weekly update to Oracle
  -- Instructions for Expense Reporting Weekly Expense Reports
  -- Backup to Prntsrvr1 Do monthly
  -- Update McAfee Virus Monthly update or install/uninstall as required

Personnel Related Forms

  -- Non Employee ID Application Form See Carol Armstrong
    Remote Camera Badging Form See Carol Armstrong
    Card Access System Application See Carol Armstrong
  -- Nondisclosure Agreement See Carol Armstrong
  -- Inventory of Equipment Give to Carol Armstrong
  -- Employee Information Sheet Give to Carol Armstrong

General Information

  -- DSIM Team Support Site
Web Site Hints
Guide For Developing Web Sites


Use this site to become familiar with standards and helps available for writing and web development.    
  -- Locate Templates for MS Word, Visio and Transit.
Template Directory
Copy Templates to appropriate software directory.  
  -- Locate Standard Software for Netscape, etc.